Tuesday, July 26, 2011

First Days of School

So I'm getting some things ready for the first days of school. I am going to switch things up a bit this year and get some technology integration going right out of the gate this year.

Our first project of the year is going to be an "all about me" video. It is just like the book I have used in the past (you could make it into a book when you get done with the video too). I made the pages from my book a full sheet of paper with a title, a place for a picture and little sentence for them to fill in. I will have the kids work on a page at a time through out the first day or two at school.

Here is the video I put together tonight (not an artist).

Click here to get the pages I used!

Here is a little info about making paper slides!
I have the kids work in groups of 3. Each group has a paper slider (person who pulls the papers when they are done talking about the page), narrator (the person who talks about the page), and videographer (the person who holds the camera). In this video the narrator is the person who the video is about.

They practice a few times during small group. Then we film them. I only let them film once, no start overs!! I use my flip camera in class to film with, as well as my document camera. You could also use an iPad, iPod touch, or regular camera with a video function on it.

The first time we did this last year it took a little bit of time for them to be comfortable, however by the end of the year my kids could make a film video on their own.   We have used them for vocabulary practice, retelling, cause can effect, and math problem descriptions, the possibilities are ENDLESS!!


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