Thursday, August 2, 2012

What's New This Year....

One of the ever changing things in my classroom is the technology. This year we will have 3 student computers and 5 iPads in each classroom for the kids. And we now have a cart of computers to use with our kids. I'm onto the exciting challenge of how to manage them and what I want the kids to do with them!!!

Last year we did a bit of piloting with the iPad. K - 2 grade apps were put on each iPad and we were able to look at and use the apps. The biggest challenge I had was the kids finding the app I want them to be on, Which was always changing. By the time we would get the morning reading app figured out it was on afternoon math. AHHH!!!

 So this is the plan for this year. I am going to take a screen shot of the apps I want to use and magnet it to the board.
So this is a sample of what will go on the board. Easy to see, easy to find. Less time explaining, more time learning! Photobucket

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